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Apr 2013

Sarah W. loses 66 pounds!

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“Personal training has changed my life. When I moved last June, I was excited that there was a gym that was close to my new house and they offered reasonably priced training sessions. I always thought that personal training was for the rich and famous. But for around $25 a session, they are worth every penny spent.

When I started, I wanted to lose weight because I was at my highest weight ever at 240 pounds and none of my clothes fit anymore. I also wanted to get in better shape as I struggled with the heavy moving boxes after my move (stairs were not my friend).

With those two goals, I started with a personal trainer. I was working hard at training but not getting very far because I hadn’t really changed my eating habits. I was trying but not really succeeding. In January, I finally got my diet ujnder control by being accountable to my trainer. I literally couldn’t write down what I had eatn one weekend – it was too embarrassing. So I decided that is was pointless to spend money on training if I was going to erase all of my progress by eating poorly afterwards. I changed by diet to a high protein with low glycemic carbs and starting eating 5 times a day (i.e. Nutrisystem but many other “diets” will work). Once I made that change, the combination of working out and eating correctly really started to take effect.

I have worked with Ryan since the middle of July 2011. Since I started with him, I have lost 9 pounds and 5% body fat to bring my total weight loss to 66 pounds and 13% body fat. He does a nice blend of resistance training and cardio that has improved my muscle tone and endurance. He pushes me to do better every training session. He knows how to adapt the workouts to my injuries and to ensure that everything is safe.

I am living proof that anyone can use a trainer to get healthy and lose weight. I was never athletic and hated gym class growing up. A trainer makes me accountable to ensure I am working out hard and always improving – I need that extra help to push beyond what I think I can do. I need to make sure that I am working out outside of training (i.e. cardio) and eating correctly. But the combination of the the two is the secret to my success.

I have another 54 pounds to go to reach my goal so I will continue to work with Ryan to achieve that goal.”

–Sarah Wiles

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